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Equestrian Facility Painting & Maintenance

Our painting and maintenance contractors take care of every part of your equestrian facilities.

Experienced Equestrian Barn Painters

King Painting is a leader in equestrian facility maintenance. Our barn painters have experience working on every type of equine building, from breeding or racing stables to working horse farms. We understand that most horse facilities have tight schedules, so we’ll work with you to make sure there are minimal disruptions.

Let King Painting Take Care of Your
Equestrian Facilities

Using specialized equipment to paint, stain, and pressure wash even the toughest-to-reach places, we take care of your
facilities to keep them looking pristine for years.

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Horse Training Facility Maintenance Services

Our team of painters have extensive experience with painting, wood staining, pressure washing, and other routine maintenance services. We often work with our clients for many years after initial construction to keep their facilities in top shape. We will do everything from repainting and staining, to the smallest details such as working around the horses and their needs as well as cleaning ceilings and beams. When it comes to your facilities, it’s the attention to detail that counts.

These are just some of the structures we service:

  • Horse boarding facilities
  • Horse breeding farms
  • Outdoor and indoor riding arenas
  • Equestrian training centers
  • Therapeutic riding centers
  • Thoroughbred racing centers and stables
  • Barns and other farm buildings
  • Silos and storage tanks
  • Roofs, cladding and steel girders
  • Timber-frame construction

While we are headquartered in Ronks, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), we travel to clients throughout the country. We have worked with clients in locations ranging from Florida to Arizona.

our painting process

Our paints, stains, and other materials are non-toxic to livestock. Here’s an overview of our equestrian facility painting process.

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On-site walkthrough and painting
Final Quality control review

Equestrian Facility Portfolio

Why Work With Us?

The King Painting pros are especially familiar with timber frame construction, one of the most common materials in the industry. In fact, we’ve worked with so many builders over the years, we’re familiar with all the materials that go into your facilities, and we know just what products to use to keep them in top shape. With over 200 years of combined experience in this area, we have the knowledge and equipment to maintain your equine facilities and agricultural buildings.

Maintenance is difficult, especially with a working facility that sees a lot of wear and tear. With our team of professionals, you can be confident that your facilities are in good hands.

Let King Painting give you peace of mind. Request a free quote, and see why we’re the leaders in equestrian building maintenance.